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Our Question Answer Website Solution will help you to get the accurate decision making by submitting the questions and answer in the trustful site by sharing their knowledge and experience about the organization or interest topics, in this competitive world the users or vendors are in difficult situation to get their answers or feedbacks and reviews about their industry or favorite topics, we made it easy by developing user recommended script for the handling or sharing the information about the knowledge of the topics.


Why does this Question Answer Portal Development need?

This Question and Answer Software Open Source will be useful for the users to get the new information about their related topics with their interest to get answers from all sorts of the technical, social and day-to-day question basis. This site will help you to make decision on specific topics or about particular organization products to conclude them by get reviews and votings form the users by submitting the questions or review about the organization. This site is great on-sale because it will help the organization to stand unique from the competitive one by submitting the answers which is relevant to the site and to make final decision for buying the products or services.

The main aspects of our Question and Answer Software Open Source is the open source php flexible source code where the customization can be done by the user’s choice with adapting in all aspect ratios of all the devices screen with a high graphical user interface.In this Question Answer Website Solution the users can start different question and answer site with easy user’s preferable customization with latest tools and functionality. The site users can submit as many as questions, images with answers and save questions and answers for the future reference with business understandings.

Question and Answer Software Open Source Features

Easy Sharing of Knowledge Experience

The users can have the great source of experience for the people who want to learn and share their knowledge on the following interest or about the industry.

Fast and Easy

The user can easily get their answer by using our advanced search box filter.

Secure and Reliable

As the script is designed in the flexible open source code support which is more adaptable and reliable in all aspects of the secure code.


The site is devel0ped and designed by our experience handed open source experts based on the business understandings.

Authorized Log-in portals

The users can have their accounts more secure and will explore all the high-end Q & A platforms features by yourself.

Social Network Sharing

The users can share their answers with their friends or on the social networking links by connecting their social media accounts.

How can admin make money and the control features?

Clear Dashboard

The admin portal has authenticated site with the user-friendly dashboard with clear statistics reports.

Easy Q & A Management

The admin can easily manage the Question and answer management by approving the requests of the Q & A users.

User Feedbacks Management

Apart from the interaction Q & A communication with each other, the users can also flag the reports.

Banner Ads

We have analyzed and included in the business revenue model by generating banner ads and other advertisements on the site.

SEO-Friendly Customized Site

The site is customized with our Pinginfotech SEO-experts to make site more optimized and easy access for the users.

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