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Food Ordering System

Pinginfotech likes to launch their new Cooked Meals Delivery script with effortless food ordering system, advanced customization tools, and features to make easy online food ordering site. The scope of Food Ordering System is highly recommended business revenue model for the entrepreneurs to take over their business to the next level with efficient food ordering management system.

Advanced Admin Panel

Eassy to Customize

Responsive Design

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Why do we develop Meal-kit delivery?

The scope of Meal Kit ordering system is now high on-demand in this digitalized running worldbecause the people are started to move towards the digitalized world, they started to buy or order their requirements from their place by comparing the products and offerings with other competitor sites. Since the last a decade, the revenue of the food ordering system is high and the offline restaurant business entrepreneurs also started to promote their business to online food ordering system to gain more profit and services.

This Food Ordering System helps the restaurant entrepreneurs to sell their cooked food items in an effortless and efficient way, this also helps the new entrepreneurs to kick-start the business without any struggle or guidelines, because this Meal-kit delivery is customized for all the small scale, medium and large scale restaurant business entrepreneurs to make over their business reach through online and to enter into billion dollar business companies with our advanced script.

Start Meal Delivery Business

Start today your Cooked Meals Delivery script With Us!

The script we customized and developed for the users to standalone food ordering system site with aspects of theuser responsive, mobile-friendly user-friendly customized with SEO-friendly URL, social media sharing, robust and user reliability site.
This Pinginfotech Cooked Meals Delivery scriptis designed carefully to keep foodies enticed and engaged your business with your food ordering platform.


Features of Our Start Meal Delivery Business

The script has unlimited food product listings where the users or merchant can feel free topost their product listings in the required category.

  • Easy Manage and Setup

    The managing of the food ordering system is made efficient for the users and site admin to manage and easy setup their site without any guidelines or steps.

  • Increase sales and loyalty

    We have developed the script in the aspects of the understanding business revenue generating which increases sales and loyalty, in having their own online business food ordering system.

  • Authorized log-in portals

    To free from hackers or unauthorized users, Pinginfotech provides you the secure verified authorized profile for the individuals for the users, vendors, and admin.

  • Easy Tracking of the Products

    The site admin or restaurant owners can easily track their products by seeing the status delivery of the products with statistics reports.

  • Add Your Products to the Wish List

    The users can add their favorite products or requirements to the user’s wish list by adding the products to the wish-list, where the products can be ordered whenever the user required.

  • Secure Open Source Code

    The language we have used and designed with thelatest secure open source php platform where the code is flexible, reliable and easy to customize the products.

  • Advanced Search Management

    The users can easily find the required products by entering the name of the particular product or keyword in the advanced search box filter, which will provide you the accurate and fast response results.

  • SEO-Friendly Customization

    The site is customized with our SEO experts to get efficient results in accessing the site for the users which increases your business sales leads and generates traffic to your site.

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