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Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin Clone Script

Cryptocurrency will be the future currency circle of the world because of the greatest development in the digital transactions. Today all those people are looking forward to the digital world. Cryptocurrency is the best money transferring method in this modern day because it is very easy to make transactions between any two parties even they are living in different countries. It is so simple to transfer the currency for the foreign people with strong security and transactions in seconds.

Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin Clone Script

By this continuous improvement in the cryptocurrency world, every people are searching for the decentralized secure platform. So the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin scripts have improved a lot and famous across various countries in the world. Now every entrepreneurs are looking to start an own cryptocurrency to earn a huge profit margin. The decentralized transaction means transferring currency only between the two parties without any third party providers like banks or credit card companies etc;

By seeing the huge interests of entrepreneurs we have created this Bitcoin clone script that will helps them to earn huge revenue. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency till date in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin has created by using the peer to peer transaction technology; the user can easily transfer their digital currency without any centralized server or banks. And the Bitcoin is an open source design which is designed for public, nobody can own or control the Bitcoin but everyone can take part in the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has provides more unique properties that could not be provided by any other previous payment system.

The Ethereum clone script is designed with the extraordinary features of cryptocurrency that current day trends. Ethereum is another cryptocurrency and it is a dominant one in the market like Bitcoin. Ethereum has however using the smart contracts which is highly programmable digital money. Ethereum has a different method for costing transactions. Litecoin is another popular cryptocurrency that is also similar to the both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin is a digital payment method using the Blockchain technology that will allow the investors to transfer and trade the coins. Among 180 cryptocurrencies on the market Litecoin is the altcoins in the market.

In our Litecoin clone script, the user can login to the dashboard by using their username, password and captcha security code. Duplicate users cannot be login to the website by providing the duplicate details. The system is completely provided by the jquery and back end validation. In the user panel, they can see the statistics of the mail, sharing referral link, stake and lending balance etc; In the dashboard they can get all the details of referral bonus, coin bonus, and other details etc;

In the admin panel, the admin can manage the overall system by editing all the types of options in the system. He is the boss of the site, he can control and manage all the management in the system that he can view active users, inactive users, referral and level bonus, bank transfer, etc; we are serving our products for our clients with 1-year technical support, 6-months source code updates and the product is totally a brand free one.

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